What Are The Symptoms of a Failed Root Canal?

What Are The Symptoms of a Failed Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure that is typically performed when you have an infection in the gum tissue or a tooth that is damaged by an accident. You are anesthetized during this procedure as the treatment includes drilling into the top of the tooth to remove its pulp along with the roots that are in the gum tissues. Afterward, the tooth’s shell is filled with a malleable substance that hardens before our dentist covers the tooth with a customized dental crown.

While the majority of root canals are successful, occasionally, a procedure can fail. Dental patients should be knowledgeable about failed root canals so they can better identify symptoms before they get worse and prevent any stress related to it.

Root Canal Failure Symptom 1: Sensitivity to Hot Foods or Beverages

After your root canal, you may notice an extreme sensitivity to hot beverages or foods that causes pain in the repaired tooth or along the gum tissue. While this is normal for a few days, if it continues, then it can mean that some of the infection remains in your gums or the tooth, so you should get the treatment immediately.

Root Canal Failure Symptom 2: Gum Tissue Begins to Swell

When you return home after a root canal, Dr. Divya, our Mesquite dentist,  will give you advice concerning caring for your mouth. This will include taking antibiotics or using oral rinses to eliminate any remaining bacteria. The gum tissues should recede back to the proper size and shape within a few days, but if this doesn’t happen, then contact our dental office right away.

Root Canal Failure Symptom 3: Pain While Chewing Food

As you are able to return to a normal diet, you shouldn’t experience any pain from the repaired tooth while you are chewing food. When you are feeling discomfort while chewing, this indicates that there is a problem with the dental crown or the underlying repaired tooth. Call us to schedule an appointment to determine if our dentists can fix this issue.

Root Canal Failure Symptom 4: Discomfort from Cold Beverages and Foods

If cold beverages are causing discomfort in your mouth after the root canal, then you may still have a problem in your gums or the damaged tooth. In addition, the consumption of cold foods, such as ice cream should not cause any pain. Remember, that our dental office receptionists can arrange an emergency appointment with us to determine if your root canal has failed.