Root Canal Therapy

Our mouth is filled with bacteria, many of them harmful. Sometimes these bacteria cause infections.

Root Canals in Mesquite, TX to help save a tooth

In spite of best dental hygiene habits, a bacterial dental infection may still occur due to decay or trauma. Such dental infections are quite painful, and you may even lose the infected tooth entirely. Moreover, the infection could spread to rest of your body.

Root Canal Therapy is often the prescribed treatment for dental infections. Through this therapy, Dr. Divya will remove the infected pulp, or living tissue inside the tooth, and replace it with filling material. That will immediately stop the infection and your pain. Afterward, she will place a crown on the tooth to restore its complete functionality.

Root Canals – Not Painful Anymore

Root Canal Therapy has a long standing reputation as a painful procedure. But with advances in modern dentistry, they are completely comfortable. Dr. Divya uses the latest techniques in local anesthesia to ensure you are relaxed and pain-free.

If you are suffering from dental pain or see signs of infection such as gum swelling, bleeding, or abscesses, please call us right away at (972) 285-0871. We can typically offer same-day treatments for dental emergencies, relieve your pain, and save your tooth.

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