Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Exams in Mesquite, TX to Safeguard Your Health

Many people do not worry about Oral Cancer, especially if they have never touched tobacco. It is true that smokers and other tobacco users are at higher risk for oral cancer than general population, but oral cancer can affect anyone. And oral cancer is just as deadly as other cancer types, and delayed treatment can cause loss of function and scarring of the face. Early detection is crucial for the best treatment outcomes.

At Love 2 Smile Dental, Dr. Divya offers oral cancer screenings for all patients. She will look for pre-cancerous conditions such as discreet changes in the soft tissues of the mouth. The screening is meant to detect oral cancer signs in all areas of the mouth.

Call us right away at (972) 285-0871 if you notice any swelling, ulcers, sores, lumps, or thickened patches in your mouth. Remember, an oral cancer screening could help save your life.

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