Crowns & Bridges

A crown or a bridge can not only solve the immediate problem of a damaged or missing tooth, but also restore your smile & confidence for years to come.

Crowns for Patients in Mesquite, TX

When a large structure of a tooth has been damaged, usually from decay or accident, Dr. Divya may recommend a crown (or cap). The crown covers the visible area of the tooth – everything above the gum line. Your new crown not only covers unsightly fillings, missing tooth structure, and cracks, but also help to protect your tooth from further damage. Because they are made out of porcelain and mimic the look of natural teeth, crowns will give an injured tooth a new, attractive appearance.

Some patients may have crowns that don’t look beautiful anymore or that are defective and in need of replacement. Dr. Divya is happy to discuss options with you.


A dental bridge is just what it sounds like – it bridges the gap left behind by a missing tooth. A bridge is fixed on either end to remaining teeth and contains an artificial replacement tooth.

Bridges are necessary for several reasons. They restore your smile, allow you to chew normally and enjoy your favorite meals, and will help support adjacent teeth. If a gap is left empty without replacing the tooth, there is a high risk of other teeth moving out of alignment and becoming crooked.

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