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Meet Dr. Divya


Dr. Divya is a person of deep faith. She firmly believes that God put her on earth for a purpose - to make people laugh & smile. He also blessed her with two talents to fulfill her purpose. First, a comical personality. One can always find her cracking a joke, acting goofy, or ribbing someone. Second, exceptional dental aptitude. Her dentist uncle noticed her gift for dentistry when she was 7 years old and mentored her to become a dentist. She graduated in the top 5% of her dental class at University of Colorado, and has continued to develop clinical expertise in comprehensive dentistry over 10 years of practice.


Her faith guides her identity and her purpose drives her treatment philosophy. Dr. Divya is honest, ethical, and a person of high moral character. She genuinely cares about the comfort and oral health of her patients, and has only their best interest at heart.

She is focused on the long-term dental well-being of her patients and believes in minimalistic proactive dentistry. She practices early detection and prevention techniques and recommends only absolutely necessary treatments that enhance the patient’s quality of life. She utilizes her know-how of all modern advances in dentistry to educate patients on multiple treatment options and helps them choose the one that best suits their personal situation and style.


Dr. Divya is a supermom to Raina (5) and Viyaan (2), and loving wife to Deepak for 11 years. She loves cooking and is convinced that she is “Rachael Ray” in an alternate-universe. She also believes she’s a famous stand-up comedian in an alternate-alternate-universe. She has a genetic predisposition to dance & sing unprompted; she has performed at many formal events. And her only acknowledged “expensive” hobby is Travel Photography.

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“Very nice, neat and cozy office. Dr. Nagaraj is one of the best dentist I have ever met. She is very knowledgeable about her job. She is very friendly, patient and kind. She did an excellent job educating me about the procedure. I definitely recommend this place to everyone. If you are looking for a fun, friendly and relaxing dental home, then this is the place for you.”

Madoujeens Baptiste

Madoujeens Baptiste

22 years

“Amazing office, and wonderful staff!!! Dr.Divya is very informative and goes above and beyond for her patients, very thankful for the work done on me and my family forever grateful!! Highly recommend this office!!”

Nyeesha Wilson

Nyeesha Wilson

31 years

“Dr Divya Nagaraj and her entire staff are absolutely incredible. They always put me at ease and are truly outstanding in the field of dentistry. Great and very professional office environment too!”

Mike Bradshaw

Mike Bradshaw

28 years

“Love Dr Divya! She is so kind and professional! The office is bright and cheerful! Juan is the greatest hygienist ever! And Lisa and Katie are so sweet! Love the whole team at Love 2 Smile!”

Greta Calvery

Greta Calvery

Home Maker
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