Love 2 Smile Dental - Katelyn Tamez, dental assistant
Katelyn Tamez - Our Jolly Dental Assistant

“She is bright, talkative, and energetic!”

Katie is very popular with our patients – they rave about her profusely in our Google reviews. She is responsible for ensuring that your entire appointment from check-in to check-out is a comfortable one, and she accomplishes this through lot of engaging conversations. Patients trust Katie because she is honest about preparing them for upcoming treatment and thorough with the small things that ensure they have a painless visit.

Are you a native Texan?

Yes. I grew up right here in Mesquite.

Can you talk about your education and experience?

I graduated from Dental Assisting School in 2012 and have been a dental assistant for past 8 years. I am also a trained Emergency Medical Technician. One of my most rewarding early career experiences was working with Autistic children in a hospital setting.

What do you like most about working at Love 2 Smile Dental?

Love 2 Smile Dental feels like one large family. We love our patients and they love us. That makes for one happy environment. Every patient could be either my dad, mom, or sibling, and so going the extra mile is no bother. We don’t mind taking the extra 5 minutes to answer their questions even when we are running behind or staying the extra hour past closing time to relieve them of pain or inconvenience. We take care of our patients concerns and educate them too.

What is the first concert you attended?

Embarrassingly, Britney Spears. To be fair, I was 12.

What is your favorite food or cuisine?

I love seafood and my favorite is Crawfish.

Tell us your pet peeves

  • Adults still trying to be cool
  • Texting at the dinner table

Who is your hero?

Both my Dad and Mom. My Mom was a dental assistant for 25 years and then she started a candle shop business from scratch.

What do you like to do outside work?

I love fishing, particularly cat-fishing – I was once on the cover of Catfish Magazine. I am good at gardening and growing my own vegetables. I also raise chicken on my Dad’s farm. So you could say I am a proper Texas farm girl!

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