Kenneth Kirkpatrick DDS in Mesquite Retires

Kenneth Kirkpatrick DDS in Mesquite Retires

After nearly 30 years of serving the dental needs of the Mesquite community, Kenneth Kirkpatrick DDS has retired.

He chose Dr. Divya Nagaraj to take over his dental practice in south Mesquite and continue his legacy of providing outstanding advanced whitening and other dental care to the people of Mesquite and surrounding towns.

“I would like to thank you for your continued trust and confidence in permitting me to care for you and your dental needs through the years.

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing my retirement from my practice.

I began my dental career in Mesquite in 1988 and over time you became part of my extended family.

Getting to know you and caring for your dental health has been the joy of my life. During the last few years my lower back was getting worse and it became physically painful to operate. And finally, this summer my back popped and it has not been the same since.

In an effort to ensure that my friends and family continue to receive the best possible care, I carefully evaluated a number of candidates who were interested in assuming my practice, and have selected Dr. Divya Nagaraj,” he wrote in his farewell letter to patients.

“I was looking for a like-for-like replacement who had the same treatment philosophy as me combined with excellent dental skills and experience.

More importantly, I was looking for a dentist who genuinely cares about patients and has their best interest at heart.

I found all of those things in Dr. Divya. She is a person of high moral character – ethical and honest. She is also an extremely talented dentist with a dental degree from the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine and 10 years of experience.

But the best thing about her is that she is warm, kind, and funny,” he continued.

Dr. Kirkpatrick mentored Dr. Divya for months to ensure a smooth transition and to educate her about the oral health care needs of his patients, and felt very confident of entrusting their care on her able shoulders.

The caring team of Lisa and Juan that have cared for patients over the years will remain with the practice. The office location, hours, and phone number also remain the same.

The practice name has been rebranded to “Love 2 Smile Dental” to align with Dr. Divya’s practice philosophy and values.

Dr. Kirkpatrick concluded with,” I am confident you will love Dr. Divya and will extend to her the same courtesy and loyalty that you have afforded me. Thank you again for the privilege to serve you as your personal dentist.”

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