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Is Losing a Crown a Dental Emergency?

When you have dental crowns in your mouth, the restorations will typically remain in place for many years. However, it is possible to lose a dental crown if it is damaged from an accident or while you are chewing a sticky food. When this happens, you may wonder if an emergency dental visit is necessary.

The Loss of a Dental Crown Is an Emergency

The majority of dentists will consider this a dental emergency that requires a visit to a dental office as soon as possible. This means that you should call your regular dentist to arrange an immediate appointment the same day. However, if this is impossible, then you can apply dental cement to the tooth’s surface to protect it.

How Do Dental Crowns Protect Teeth?

Dental crowns are made to protect teeth that have severe damage from decay or an injury, but after the tooth is repaired, it is still fragile. In some cases, the dentist will perform a root canal that requires the removal of the tooth’s pulp and roots. The dentist will fill this tooth with a malleable substance, but the dental crown is necessary to protect the tooth from pressure.

Bacteria Can Enter the Damaged Tooth

When a dental crown dislodges from a tooth, bacteria can enter the upper part of the tooth, leading to an infection in the tooth or the gums. In addition, if you try to chew food, then the tooth will likely break, making it impossible to repair it again with a dental crown. This is why losing a dental crown is an emergency that requires visiting a dentist’s office right away.

Visit a Dentist Right Away

Your regular dentist is the best choice for this type of emergency because the individual has your dental records and X-rays, but if you are away from home on a vacation or a business trip, then you should find a local dentist who can help you. This dentist will contact your routine dentist for the information required for completing an emergency dental crown repair.

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