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Dental Implants or Dentures?

You may be currently thinking about replacing your dentures. After all, they may be worn or are now slightly moving more than you remembered. You want to fix it but are then stuck with a choice: Should I get Dental Implants or Dentures?

 You, like many people, may be struggling with that same choice. After all what are the advantages between dental implants and dentures? Our dentist, will investigate this question:

Dental Implants Replace Teeth Perfectly and for a Long Time 

Dental implants are like natural teeth. They look like real teeth, and they perform the same functions very effectively. Dental implants allow: 

  • Strong chewing to properly grind foods of all kinds 
  • Better oral health  
  • Preservation of the bones of the jaw 
  • Maintaining the quality of the gums 
  • To prevent the deterioration of the mouth over the years 
  • Maintaining the structure of the face 

In short, it is health as a whole that benefits. It is for these reasons that we consider the benefits of implants for many years, even for life. 

Similarly, their price is considered as a long-term investment in well-being and general health. With good maintenance and periodic adjustments, well-installed dental implants last a lifetime. Indeed, the denturologist performs an annual examination at no cost to check their proper fit and evaluate the cleaning of implants and prostheses grafted. 

The durability and stability of dental implants are highly appreciated by those who have made this choice. It improves their quality of life. 

Dentures, Under Certain Conditions 

Dentures remain practical and effective dentures, especially precision prostheses. To maintain their effectiveness, they must be perfectly adjusted and rest properly on healthy gums. The progressive resorption of the gums that occurs with age does not always allow a precise adjustment. With some traditional prostheses, chewing may be limited. Pain may occur, accompanied by instability of the prosthesis. 

Dentures are more accessible monetarily. Other costs must also be added, especially for people who have difficulty working with prostheses because of significant bone resorption and excess soft gingiva. It is then possible to add a soft base in the lower prosthesis to improve comfort. However, it must be expected that this soft base must be changed every 2 to 4 years. Dentures must be renewed, on average, every 5 to 7 years. They do not require an annual review. 

Fixed or removable implants, according to your choice 

Dr. Divya can advise you on your choice of dental implants, that is to say, on prostheses on fixed implants or prostheses on removable implants.

In addition to meeting certain oral health criteria, fixed dental implants are very convenient for people who prefer not to remove their prosthesis. It makes their life easier and allows them to act as if they have natural teeth. Essential daily hygiene is accompanied by two annual visits to the dental hygienist. 

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