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Is a Tooth Abscess a Dental Emergency?

An abscessed tooth is one of the most uncomfortable and painful dental problems that strike thousands of people each year. You may be aware of a damaged tooth, which is the source of bacterial intrusion causing the infection. Often it happens to a tooth you have no idea is problematic. It can quickly become a medical emergency needing quick and decisive treatment sometimes even requiring dental implants.

High Levels of Pain and a Tooth Abscess

One of the first clues you have a tooth abscess is the intense pain that seems to come out of nowhere. It hurts to eat, drink, talk, sit, stand, or sleep. It turns your life upside down. An abscess has the ability to bring the toughest person to tears in a hurry. Unlike tooth sensitivity or a cavity, the pain is intense and continues whether you eat or drink. The pain of cavities and sensitive teeth can offer periods of respite and rest. With an abscess, it typically remains constant until you get treatment to kill the infection.

Serious Threat of Infection Spreading

A severe abscess of your tooth can begin to spread to other areas of your body. It can spread to the lungs, brain, or even make an effort to reach your heart. It can lead to a serious medical emergency when you put off treatment or feel it will go away on its own. It’s best to seek immediate treatment from dental experts when first noticing the uncomfortable pain, swelling, and fever associated with an abscessed tooth.

The Impacts of an Abscess on Your Immune System

Any active infection in your body limits your ability to fight off other bacterial or viral infections. You can end up with more than one major health problem by attempting to ignore a tooth abscess. Keep your immune system in top condition by seeking the treatment you need to get the infection under control.

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